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Floor Stripping Solution Applicator

The Liquidator is a key component of the Sidewinder WorkSmart VCT Floor Stripping and Waxing System. Now you can apply up to 45,000 square feet of solution in less than one hour (4180 m2/h). The Liquidator has a 36 gallon solution capacity, along with an adjustable applicator brush to accommodate obstacles and narrow aisles. You’ll quickly realize the benefit of using the Liquidator as part of your floor maintenance solution.

All of Aztec’s machines are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA

The Liquidator is a key component of the Sidewinder WorkSmart VCT Floor Stripping System.

Fast — Applies over 45,000 square feet of solution in less than one hour (4180 m2/h)

Adaptable — Adjustable applicator brush adjusts from 26″ up to 52″

Dependable — No motor, No batteries or electric cords to worry about

Portable — Small compact size with a dry weight of 90 lbs. makes it easy to maneuver

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The Liquidator is a key component of the Sidewinder WorkSmart VCT Floor Strip and Wax System. Only the Liquidator can lay down strip solution fast enough to stay ahead of the Sidewinder stripper. Don’t work hard, work fast and smart with the Aztec WorkSmartTM VCT Stripping System.
• Rugged solid steel frame
• Nylon ball bearings throughout entire driver system
• User-friendly, quiet with smooth operating features
• Easy access for cleaning through 8” lid opening
• Corrosion proof polyethylene tank

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the liquidator brochure



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10 reviews for Liquidator

  1. Ginger Belcher - Doors and More, Lexington, TN


    “I grew up in the cleaning business, so I have always been involved in floor maintenance. We live in a small town and my dad started his business in 1971. In a small town, your reputation means everything. We have always been meticulous with our strip and wax jobs. Unlike most companies, we scrape every edge and corner. We have always used a 300rpm side to side scrubber. We still have 2 of them from when my dad started in business. He refuses to buy new ones because “they don’t make them the same”, he says. The ones we have are metal and are heavy and the ones they make now are no longer metal and they are lightweight and are not the same rpm’s. It was difficult to convince him to purchase the Aztec Sidewinder because of the cost and speculating whether it would really save us time and money. A friend of ours showed us how his works and I really liked it. Now that we have the Sidewinder and the Guzzler and the Liquidator, our first attempt to use it was a local high school. We stripped all the halls and the cafeteria in nine hours using 5 workers. We were very pleased at the amount of time saved and also how clean and white the floors looked. The staff at the school were very satisfied. My favorite aspect though is the fact that we have no cords to get in our way. We have always dealt with the cord from the scrubber and the cord from the wet vac. I feel that this way of stripping floors relieves the stress of moving cords and cords always being in the way. We have also stripped a grocery store that was 2 hours away. The local grocer here bought this store and likes us so much that he only trusted us to do it. This store was very old and had not had floor work done in years and they moved all the shelving, so you can imagine how terrible the floor looked. We totally resurrected the floor in one night. If we had stripped it the old way, it would have taken two nights and would have cost a lot more in gas and time. We are very pleased with our purchase.”

    – Doors and More, Lexington, TN, Ginger Belcher

  2. Jim Stafford - Advanced Cleaning Systems, Inc.


    “I would like to take this time to thank everyone at Aztec for introducing me to the Aztec Floor Stripping Equipment. The combination of the Sidewinder, Liquidator, Guzzler and Automatic scrubber has cut my stripping crew from 4 employees to 3 on each of our jobs! We stripped a 46,000 square foot Hobby Lobby in just 2 nights. In the past, it took us 4 nights! We have 8 large supermarkets that have to be stripped every spring after the winter. And this system has almost paid for itself in the first season. My only regret is that I did not buy this system years ago! You can lay as much stripper in 2 minutes as you can lay in 10-15 minutes using the old bucket and mop method. Unbelievable! The Guzzler picks up solution so fast and efficient that I could not believe it! But the Sidewinder is the best!!! This machine, with the planetary action, gets everything up on the first strip! It strips low spots on floors like no other. It puts my old propane stripper to shame! My old machine had the same size engine, but just one scrubbing head that you had to use all your strength to keep it straight. After a night of running my old equipment, I was exhausted! BUT!!!! My wife who is 5’1” and 125 pounds, ran the 450 pound Sidewinder while helping me strip a small store of 6,000 square ft. She handled it with ease! Stripping used to be hard work……but not anymore since we purchased the Aztec stripping equipment. Thank you to everyone at Aztec!”
    – Advanced Cleaning Systems, Inc., Jim Stafford

  3. Sam Bongiorno - Bongiorno Janitorial Service, LLC.


    “We’ve been using the Aztec total package for over a year. Let me tell you something, it is the best in the business. It has saved us money in manpower, materials and time. When we had to use 4 guys to do a strip jobs, now I can use 2 or 3. When it comes to putting down stripper [solution], the Liquidator can’t be beat; it makes it easier and faster than guys throwing with mops by far none, and there is no wasting of stripper. Picking up the stripper has become easier also with the Guzzler. Both are great because they have no motors to worry about; it’s all just push and go parts. Putting down the wax has become a breeze with the Grand Finale. I use one man to do whole entire stores. Plus by using the settings you can control the wax usage and save on wax. So if you’re looking to save on cost, labor and time, this is the system for you.”

    – Bongiorno Janitorial Service, LLC., Sam Bongiorno, President

  4. Kanada Simmons - Cleaning Experts, Inc.


    “We love our new Aztec stripping system. It has cut our labor by 30-40% on some jobs. We will definitely be shopping with you guys again soon. Thanks Zack for great suggestions and customer service.”
    – Cleaning Experts, Inc., Kanada Simmons

  5. Jon C. Yelle - Diamond Floor Service


    “I am writing to commend you on your Liquidator and Guzzler. About 10 years ago I bought my first Sidewinder System from a friend who had used it for years. I started using the Sidewinder right away, but put the Liquidator and Guzzler off in the corner for about a year, thinking the 55 gal. Solution drum and battery vac have worked till now and I didn’t need to change. But, one day while loading for a strip I figured I might as well try the Liquidator and Guzzler, to make a long story short the 55 gal. Solution drum and battery vac have never made it back on my trailer again.
    The Liquidator and Guzzler keep pace with the Sidewinder with no cords, no batteries to charge, and very minimal maintenance, and no more slippin’ & slidin trying to spread out the solution with a mop. Even the guy spreading the solution with the Liquidator is able to help with the cleanup using the Guzzler. So thanks again for making my life easier and manufacturing equipment that really works.”

    – Diamond Floor Service, Jon C. Yelle

  6. Johnny W. Hulse - Johnny's Janitorial Services


    “We have found that using the Liquidator is much faster than using a mop to put stripper down. The Guzzler is awesome, no batteries and no cords to drag around. It is also much faster than a shop vac. This has been money well spent.”
    – Johnny’s Janitorial Services, Johnny W. Hulse

  7. Bryan Banks - Best Commercial Cleaning
    5 out of 5


    “A few months ago I purchased a Sidewinder, Liquidator, and Guzzler. I have used the equipment several times and am very impressed. The Sidewinder System has saved me a lot of time, which in turn has cut my labor costs, increasing my profits. With the three-piece System I am able to do in one night what used to take me two nights.
    Best Commercial Cleaning, Bryan Banks, Owner

  8. Tim Woods - Caldwell County Schools
    5 out of 5


    “We purchased the Sidewinder Stripping System, which consisted of the 30″ Sidewinder, the Guzzler and the Liquidator from your company to use in our school system. I had heard how productive the system was. There was a lot of doubt by the custodians that this system was capable of stripping 30,000 sq. ft./hr. as advertised by Aztec. Of course our custodians were used to the other method, using a 20” 375 RPM corded stripping machine and spreading the stripper by mop and bucket, not to mention fighting electrical cords on the stripping machine as well as the wet vacuum.
    “Well the first school the Sidewinder System was to tackle was a 120,000 sq. ft. facility consisting of around 65,000 sq. ft. of VCT. Keep in mind that this was the first time our crew had used this type of equipment. All of the tile in this facility was stripped and ready to wax in eight hours, and this includes moving lots of furniture as they went through this facility. I was amazed myself at the quality and speed of the System.”
    Caldwell County Schools, Tim Woods, Custodial/Safety Coordinator

  9. Harry A. Teabout III - University of Maryland
    5 out of 5


    “I have seen your equipment at trade shows over the years, which included the Sidewinder, Liquidator, ProScrub, Guzzler, and [Grand Finale}. I was very impressed with the Sidewinder propane machine. The emissions monitor and warning device was very impressive due to the fact that many propane machines give off high emissions. The monitor works well with this machine to the point that you couldn’t tell that you were using a propane machine indoors. Plus, the machine did an excellent job on the floors. Your System is well thought out for a fast and economical way to strip and scrub floors. It is clear that the Aztec Sidewinder System is going to save us a lot of time and money, because we can get more work done with fewer people and our floors have never looked better.”
    University of Maryland, Harry A. Teabout Ill, Director Building and Landscape Service

  10. Rubin Thomas - Clean Quest Enterprises Inc.
    5 out of 5


    “Thank you for encouraging me to purchase my 24” Sidewinder. I had owned another brand of propane stripping machine when I purchased an Edgewinder from you about a year and a half ago. I found after using the Edgewinder that I was having to make as many as four passes over the center of the aisle with my other propane machine just to get “close” to how clean the Edgewinder was getting my edges.
    So I purchased the Sidewinder. My employees love it because it is easy to use. I love it because it puts money in my pocket. I use less men on any given job site, and my results are, in my opinion, perfect.
    “I have one employee, an older gentleman who is semi-retired, and works with us on strip jobs almost exclusively. His response to the Sidewinder, Edgewinder and Liquidator, is that in the thirty years that he has been doing floors, he has never seen a better System.
    “I wanted to let you know that in addition to making large square footage jobs easier and more profitable, we have found that this System is highly effective for small square footage as well; even convenience stores, hair salons, and the like. This System give you an incredible advantage in both speed and quality.”
    Clean Quest Enterprises Inc., Rubin Thomas, President

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