The Edgewinder

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Propane Floor Stripping Solutions

Dig out years of accumulated dirt and grime easily at a smooth pace of up to 50 feet per minute. The Edgewinder features an innovative flexible guard design which contains the strip solution allowing close contact with walls, shelving legs, corners and other tight areas.

With a deck height less than 4″ and a reach of 26″, the Edgewinder easily goes back deep under racks, gondolas and shelving. The PurePowerLPG by Aztec propane powered engine combined with a 14″ Stratagrit brush easily cuts through layers of edge buildup.

LOWEST EMISSIONS IN THE INDUSTRY for 10+ years. All equipment and engine conversions are proudly made in the USA. 

  • PurepowerLPG 390 Series engine with battery key start
  • Lowest emissions for 10+ years
  • Green certifications: EPA, CARB, LEED, CE
  • US green building council LEED IEQ credit 3.4 requirements
  • Optional engine meeting Blue Sky standards

All of Aztec’s machines are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA


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14″ Edgewinder Edger

Standard Features

14″ Stratagrit Brush Deck Height less than 4″ 26″ Reach 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty UL and CGA approved, Meets CARB and EPA emissions standards


Floor Edging Scrubbing under Shelving

3 reviews for The Edgewinder

  1. Al Brewton - BD&S Services
    5 out of 5


    “The Sidewinder is truly a versatile piece of equipment. We recently used it on an industrial concrete floor to scrub fork-truck tire rubber off the concrete. We have also been very pleased with results from the Edgewinder as well. It makes cleaning under gondolas much easier”.
    BD&S Services, Al Brewton, President

  2. Rubin Thomas - Clean Quest Enterprises Inc.
    5 out of 5


    “Thank you for encouraging me to purchase my 24” Sidewinder. I had owned another brand of propane stripping machine when I purchased an Edgewinder from you about a year and a half ago. I found after using the Edgewinder that I was having to make as many as four passes over the center of the aisle with my other propane machine just to get “close” to how clean the Edgewinder was getting my edges.
    So I purchased the Sidewinder. My employees love it because it is easy to use. I love it because it puts money in my pocket. I use less men on any given job site, and my results are, in my opinion, perfect.
    “I have one employee, an older gentleman who is semi-retired, and works with us on strip jobs almost exclusively. His response to the Sidewinder, Edgewinder and Liquidator, is that in the thirty years that he has been doing floors, he has never seen a better System.
    “I wanted to let you know that in addition to making large square footage jobs easier and more profitable, we have found that this System is highly effective for small square footage as well; even convenience stores, hair salons, and the like. This System give you an incredible advantage in both speed and quality.”
    Clean Quest Enterprises Inc., Rubin Thomas, President

  3. Mike Jones - A.S.A.P. Cleaning Service
    5 out of 5


    “We at A.S.A.P. Cleaning would like to thank Aztec for the products provided. I have purchased several buffers, Sidewinders, and Guzzlers. Two of my personal favorites are the Sidewinder, which is extremely excellent for stripping floors, and the Edgewinder, which is great for cleaning underneath low shelves. I have found these machines greatly cut labor costs and save time and money. The customer service at Aztec is just as good as the products.”
    A.S.A.P. Cleaning Service Mike Jones

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