Welcome to the Aztec Products Blog!

We’re very excited to launch the very first Blog entry on our website. Today, January 20, 2009, is not just a landmark date in Washington, DC, with President Barack Obama’s memorable induction into the White House, but it is also the date when Aztec Products is opening the doors of online communication with the world wide web – this is truly a day to be remembered.


The purpose of the Aztec Products Blog is to share some insight into the innovative world of manufacturing of industrial floor cleaning equipment. Within this Blog we will post entries from different members of the Aztec family, sharing new ideas and success stories to help you build your business and exceed your business goals.


This week at Aztec, we’re gearing up for the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, February 3 – 6, 2009. We will be introducing our newest product, the DiamondShine concrete honing and polishing machine. The DiamondShine is a propane powered machine designed specifically for high speed honing and polishing of concrete floors to a mirror-like finish. It leaves the slower grinding process for the bigger, more cumbersome corded machines. Like all of Aztec’s machines, it is made entirely in the USA.


Stop by our booth in Las Vegas, and take a look at the DiamondShine. It could save you a ton of time and money.


Julie Beverly, Marketing Director