Time for drastic changes?

The other day I was reading an article called the “Fundamental Shift” in July’s “Contracting Profits”. It is about the contract cleaning industry. According to the article, with the economy struggling many retail and educational facilities are trying to reduce expenses by telling contractors, “We want you to cut this price and we don’t want any change in service.”

They see cleaning services as a commodity rather than a necessity. If they don’t get their way, they go out to bid. One contractor reports that he has customers going out to bid twice within twelve months in an attempt to beat his price down. If that doesn’t work they reduce service specs. First the daily service might be cut to a two or three day schedule. Then the weekly services might be extended to once or twice a month, monthly to quarterly, quarterly to a six months cycle.

Many BSC’s believe, “that this leaning-down for customers will result in a permanent change in the way cleaning is done. With the focus on prices rather than cleanliness…” It’s a grim scenario. It makes it pretty clear that you can’t continue to do things as you always have and expect to survive. It challenges you to, “think creatively, make smart strategic decisions and invest boldly.”

When business changes incrementally, you can make incremental adjustments, but when it changes drastically like it is now, you have to make drastic adjustments. You simply cannot afford to keep doing things the old way. If your customers are demanding price reductions on this kind of work, don’t you think it’s about time that you considered changing the way, “you have always done it” and consider investing in a proven SYSTEM that reduces cost by as much as 50% and improves the quality of the result?

This change in our industry is not temporary. Now is the time to invest to survive. At Aztec we have a SYSTEM that will enable you to significantly cut costs on stripping and refinishing floors in schools, supermarkets, convenience stores, industrial and municipal facilities.

Visit our home page at www.Aztecproducts.com, and see how the Sidewinder System can dramatically lower your costs on stripping and cut down your time on the job. You will see how the four piece SYSTEM works. How quickly the Liquidator lays down strip solution, how aggressively the Sidewinder scours off the old finish, and how the Guzzler picks up the spent solution. Then watch as the Ultra-Track Applicator apply new finish more evenly and ten times faster than a man with a mop.

Now you understand why we call it the SIDEWINDER SYSTEM. A group of machines specifically engineered to work together for maximum speed and cost savings. Our goal is to help make contractors and distributors more profitable by providing them with time saving, labor saving, cost saving products. We know that profitable companies grow, requiring more products from us and resulting in a win-win situation. You can even request a Sidewinder Test Drive.

Aztec also manufactures all of its products in the USA, so you know that when you buy from us, you are helping to provide jobs and cash to the US economy. After all, we are all in this together.

~ Whit Beverly