Introducing Two New Aztec Contractor Confidence Initiatives

Aztec looks at contractor equipment purchases not as a one-time transaction, but as the beginning or continuation of a long term partnership between Aztec and our customers.

It’s perfectly normal to shop around and compare prices and customer service when purchasing your cleaning equipment, however many don’t realize that the cost of buying multiple brands and models of equipment is much higher than it initially appears to be. Although it sometimes seems cost effective to buy whatever brand is on sale or cheapest today, this is actually a very expensive way to build an equipment fleet.

Over time each of those machines will require different replacement parts, different manuals, different service intervals and different knowledge to maintain. It makes both good financial sense and good common sense to standardize on one brand of machine to reduce all of these expenses and headaches.

Aztec hopes that contractors will standardize on our equipment and offers the following two incentives to help promote that decision:

Guaranteed Trade In – Maximizing your Investment Value:
Aztec provides excellent value throughout the equipment life cycle. When you want to buy new equipment, you will be surprised how aggressive Aztec prices are. This is particularly true when one considers that each machine has a custom-made LPG carburetor and is proudly “Made in the USA.” Each machine is also emission tested twice and floor tested once.

When it comes time to upgrade to a new machine, contractors no longer need to be worried that they will be stuck with an unneeded machine. Aztec guarantees that it will offer a fair trade-in value for any used Aztec machine towards a new Aztec machine. The trade-in machine needs to be a machine that Aztec is still marketing. The trade-in machine needs to be resalable and in working order.

Aggressive prices at the front end and guaranteed trade at the back end, Aztec provides excellent value throughout the equipment life cycle.

Contractor Investment Assurance – Peace of Mind for Large Purchases:
A store chain has just offered you a 50 store contract, so now you need to buy 50 propane burnishers. Where do you buy – and what happens if something happens to make you lose that contract down the road? What if you have no other place for those machines?

Aztec offers you some peace of mind. The Aztec guarantee is for all purchases of 10 or more propane burnishers or ProScrub auto scrubbers, if the contract requiring those machines is lost within the 24 months of purchase date, Aztec will buy back the entire lot of machines, provided they are in good working order.

So go get those big accounts, confident in the knowledge that, should something go wrong, Aztec “has your back.”

Last, but certainly not least, we want to brag a little about the Aztec Service Department. Dave Groff, our Technical Services Manager, has been with Aztec for 18 years. Rob Davis, our Production Foreman has been here 13 years. When you call Aztec for parts and service you will get accurate detailed information and the right parts sent, every time. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

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