In 1988 the Hubble Space Telescope explores deep space. The Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed and exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland on December 21st. In 1988 Prozac was sold for the first time as an anti-depressant. The popular movies of 1988 included Rain Man, Die Hard and A Fish Called Wanda. That same year Frank Munoz, owner of Kern Commercial Cleaning of Bakersfield, CA, walked into the Aztec booth at the BSCAI trade show. Frank absolutely refused to believe Aztec’s claims about the Sidewinder System. Things got to the point where Frank called the owners liars, so Aztec shipped a Sidewinder to him for a free trial. Frank stripped 40,000 sq/ft in just 3 hours on that very first night with the Sidewinder. If you meet Frank today, he will enthusiastically tell you how happy he is with his Aztec equipment. In fact, he’ll also tell you that his vintage 1988 Sidewinder is still running strong.

For almost 35 years now, Aztec has been the innovative leader in the manufacturing and direct selling of propane buffers and floor stripping systems. As a proud USA manufacturer, Aztec maintains a strong commitment to quality, leading the industry by exceeding our customers’ expectations, saving them time and money, and helping their businesses become more profitable. Today over 2500 businesses and floor contractors worldwide depend on Aztec’s products and services for their building maintenance needs.

Over the past decade, Aztec has invested significantly research and development, successfully launching numerous new machines, including the battery operated ProScrub autoscrubber, the dust control Answer propane buffer/burnisher, the Grand Finale chemical applicator, the UltraGrind and DiamondShine propane concrete floor grinding, honing and polishing machines, and the Hot Spotter/Hot Rod heated carpet detailers.

Aztec continues to be committed to Green Cleaning with Propane machines as demonstrated by the new FS481V engine, which comes standard on all of Aztec’s propane machines. This 603CC engine yields a maximum of 20hp when set-up to burn gasoline and 17.19 with LPG. The propane emissions meet the US green cleaning council’s LEED IEQ credit 3.4 requirements, and are compliant with EPA and CARB emission standards, providing a safe working environment, whether it’s in a school or a store.

With our consistent dedication to products that will save you time, money and labor, Aztec Products mission statement reads, “When you buy from us, you’re buying directly from the factory, allowing you to get the best value for your hard-earned money and we won’t disappoint you. No other manufacturer can offer the level of pricing and the degree of commitment we maintain as consistently or affordably. We are so confident, we guarantee it. Our expertise, dedication and value-added services make our products the best choice for your budget and business.”

So when investing in your next commercial floor maintenance machine, you’ll find that the Aztec Products floor maintenance equipment delivers. From our concrete floor grinding and polishing machines to our floor stripping and refinishing machines, each is designed and built as a rugged piece of equipment that will be durable enough to last for years and powerful enough to help you clean better than the competition.