The show was a success! Not only did we have great weather in Las Vegas, but we also met some fantastic people. Traveling to these trade shows can really wear you out, but making eye contact and shaking hands with our customers and potential leads make it all so worthwhile. To top things off, we even sold some machines right off the show floor, which always makes us happy.

Upon arrival we got to work on grinding and polishing the freshly poured concrete slab, and were able to successfully. The new Low Rider buffer was a hit, especially with the ladies. Check out the Aztec Facebook page ( to see how the “ladies loved the Low Rider”. It wasn’t just the ladies however; the new, aggressively priced Aztec Low Rider buffer has a rugged, solid steel body design with an ultra low profile for buffing and polishing under racks. The Low Rider also includes an advanced composite polymer pad driver and dust control upgrade. Booth visitors got to demo all of the featured Aztec equipment, including the UltraGrind, UltraEdge, UltraVac, ProScrub and the Grand Finale finish applicator.

With the warnings of the super-snowstorm approaching in New England, we were anxious to get home, although there are worse things that could happen than being stranded in Las Vegas, right?