Aztec Re-Releases Grand Finale With Dramatic Flair

MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA, USA – In anticipation of the 30th anniversary of Rob Reiner’s 1984 classic mockumentary film “This is Spinal Tap”, Aztec Products has re-released the Grand Finale finish applicator with a flow dial that now goes up to eleven. The original flow dial went from 1 to 10, and the new dial will show 1 to 11, as part of a tongue in cheek nod toward the fictional film.

When asked why the change, President Whit Beverly (emulating the film’s main character, Nigel) said, “You see most blokes will be laying finish at 10. You’re on 10, here on the dial, all the way up, all the way up on your machine. Where can you go from there? What if you need a little more flow? You’re out of luck. You have no place to go. That’s why this new machine is better – with the new Grand Finale if you are already at 10, you can go up one more – to eleven…You see, it’s better because it’s one more.”

Regional Sales Representative Zach Dietz said, “This Grand Finale re-release is one of the reasons it is so cool to work at Aztec. I have a lot of friends that are rock band guys and Spinal Tap fans. They think that it is hilarious and awesome that Aztec is making a machine with a dial that goes to eleven. Well done!”

Aztec Products continues to develop floor maintenance equipment for the jan/san and concrete floor polishing industry that saves money and labor expenses. Aztec strives to remain the trusted leader in propane buffers, floor strippers and concrete grinders by consistently exceeding customer expectations – sometimes with flair!

Aztec Products, Inc. is a family-owned business based in Montgomeryville, PA. Aztec is proud to manufacture all of its products in the USA, at its Philadelphia area factory. For over 37 years, Aztec has developed a series of innovative floor cleaning machines that are engineered for quality work at high speeds, and has become known as the problem-solver for the floor cleaning industry.

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