PurePower LPG Engines Lowest Emissions for TEN YEARS

PurePowerLPG by Aztec has LOWEST EMISSIONS for over 10 years

PurePower’s K603cc Certification Level of 28 Grams per Kilowatt Hour Best by 20% CO EPA Certification Best in Industry

PurePowerLPG by Aztec celebrates 10 years (yes, that’s TEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS) as cleanest 603cc engine in the industry.  Kawasaki Motors Corporation introduced the gasoline powered 603cc twin valve engine into the commercial floor equipment market in 2010 to be converted to Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). Because gasoline cannot be used as an indoor fuel source, each equipment manufacturer must: (a) create their own LPG carburation system for the engine, (b) have that system independently tested by a third party, (c) register the system and resulting emission measurements with the EPA and (d) post a large financial performance bond with EPA promising not to change their configuration.

PurePowerLPG by Aztec welcomed the introduction of this new, very powerful Kawasaki engine and immediately went to work on engineering the cleanest, most robust LPG configuration possible.  PurePowerLPG’s resulting configuration, with 28 grams Carbon Monoxide (CO) per kilowatt hour and 14.1 horsepower, remains the best in the industry. This EPA certification demonstrates why PurePowerLPG is one of the top LPG commercial floor care equipment manufacturers in the world.

The extensive EPA report is available HERE. Below is a summary of those results:

Manufacturer Engine Family Displacement (CC) CO Cert Level (Grams) Max Engine Power HP Max Engine Power kW Closed Loop Control AF Ratio Electronic Control? Max Engine Test Speed
Amano Pioneer Eclipse J2PXS.6032K1 603 34 9.4 7.0 No N 3396
Aztec Products Inc. JAPIS.3902NA 390 266 8.4 6.3 No N 3059
Aztec Products Inc. FAPIS.6032NA 603 28 14.1 10.52 No N 3153
Aztec Products Inc. FAPIS.6032NS 603 15 13.6 10.13 Yes Y 3600
Aztec Products Inc. JAPIS.8522NA 852 63 27.0 20.1 No N 3600
Aztec Products Inc. JAPIS.8522NS 852 17 27.0 20.1 Yes N 3600
Aztec Products Inc. JAPIS.9992NS 999 27 24.0 17.9 Yes N 3060
BETCO Corporation JPBXS.6032AB 603 52 14.9 11.1 No N 3600
LEHR LLC KLHRS.6032EM 603 266 14.4 10.8 No N 2998
LEHR LLC KLHRS.9992EM 999 291 24.6 18.4 No N 3600
Superabrasive Inc. JSPAS.6032SA 603 156 16.2 12.1 No N 3600
Superabrasive Inc. JSPAS.6032SB 603 53 16.3 12.2 Yes N 3598
Superabrasive Inc. JSPAS.9992SC 999 70 24.1 18.0 Yes N 3607

Based on the 2019 EPA certification rollovers posted so far, it is clear that Aztec’s 28g of CO/hour will remain the cleanest – 20% cleaner emissions than their next closest competitor, with a 50% higher horsepower.  Others competitors with approximately the same horsepower certifications have 2x, 3x or even 9 times higher CO emission levels.  Even more incredibly, when the standard Aztec system is enhanced with the NEES Electronic Fuel Controller, the CO emissions can be dropped by another 47% with only a 3.5% drop in horsepower, from 14.1hp to 13.6hp.

Whit Beverly, President of PurePowerLPG and Aztec Products, said, “Businesses use many techniques to try to get to the top of their industry.  Having the lowest price or flashy sales gimmicks are common approaches.  With CO being a byproduct of all internal combustion engines, Aztec’s approach has always been to have the safest, toughest, most productive floor maintenance equipment available.  Our 10th straight year as cleanest engine certification in the industry is testament to that commitment.”

PurepowerLPG is owned and operated by Aztec Products, Inc., a family-owned manufacturing business, proudly converting engines and manufacturing all of its floor machines in the USA, at its Philadelphia-area factory.  Aztec floor machines are engineered to produce quality work at ultra-high speeds, increasing contractor profit and distributor sales results.  Aztec is known as the efficiency leader in the VCT floor maintenance, concrete/terrazzo polishing and LPG engine conversion industries.

To see the complete Aztec product line, visit: www.aztecproducts.com or CLICK HERE for the Aztec Equipment Catalog. Call (800) 331-1423 or +1-215-393-4700 for a facility tour. For more information on propane engine conversations visit: www.purepowerlpg.com.

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