Aztec Product’s purpose is to design and build rugged, durable floor maintenance machines that do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively than any other brand of floor equipment. At Aztec Products, we make a variety of floor equipment to fit your maintenance needs, whether you are a professional contractor who needs a complete stripping system to cover large areas or a building owner who needs precise floor machines for tight corners.
Aztec Products floor maintenance equipment, whether burnisher or scrubber, have three things in common:

  • Durability: our machines last for years.
  • Productivity: our machines clean better and faster.
  • Profitability: our machines decrease cost for you and your customers.

the bottom line is that when you find the right Aztec machine for your maintenance schedule and workload…
…you save time; you save money; you save labor.

Everyday, the floors of buildings from retail and convenience stores, to business offices and healthcare facilities, to schools and restaurants, sustain damage and soiling from large crowds of shoppers, workers, patrons, students, and patients. Using floor machines to maintain these buildings contributes not only to a person’s ability to move about safely but also to the overall attractiveness of the building and the comfort of the people who work or live in the building. With so many people traveling in and out, it is no surprise that these surfaces are vulnerable to wear and tear. Floor maintenance is a necessary task for a business or facility to remain open and successful.
Choose the Best Aztec Best Floor Maintenance Machine for the Job
In buildings, there is variation among floor surfaces, objects placed on the floor, volume of traffic and soiling, and the layout of each floor. Recognizing that either as a proprietor or a professional contractor that the right machine will save you money, Aztec Products offers a wide range of floor maintenance machines. From the Reliant Buffer to the Complete Stripping System to the Reliant and more, Aztec provides business owners, building managers, professional contractors, and others with the best in high performance floor maintenance.
Invest in Aztec Products Floor Machines: Save Time and Money Consumed By Labor
Aztec floor machines that require power can use propane tanks or batteries so you never have to worry about staying near your power source. Our floor strippers and buffers and more come in different sizes to let you maneuver around corners or obstacles. Every Aztec floor machine is specially engineered to avoid excess weight and unwieldy handling for the operator, and is also designed to make the most out of each pass on a floor. Aztec Products accomplish aggressive scrubbing without requiring aggressive handling. Operators save effort, avoid fatigue, and save time, which ultimately saves you money in labor cost.
Aztec Products Protect Operator’s Health and Safety
Floor Machines by Aztec Products are compliant with EPA and CARB emission standards. That means that floor operators don’t scrub and buff while exposed to dangerous fumes or chemicals. The cleanliness and rugged durability of every Aztec Product floor machines is more than our commitment to the best in floor maintenance equipment: we are dedicated to the safety and health of every person who invests in an Aztec machine.
At Aztec Products, we understand how expensive floor coverings can be. We offer the state-of-the-art technology and functionality to add years of life to your floor covering investment. Aztec’s products are uniquely designed to meet and exceed the needs of even the most demanding and meticulous professionals. When you want safety, attractiveness, and cleanliness for years to come, rely on Aztec Products.