Clean Mist





NEW! Battery Powered Disinfecting Misting Machine for High Productivity Sanitizing

The CLEAN MISTTM is an extremely versatile and mobile machine that accomplishes 3 levels of disinfecting based on average droplet size (ADS) from 15 to 80+ microns. The heart of the CLEAN MIST is a 200 psi specialized chemical disinfectant pump featuring Hastelloy valves, a ceramic plunger, viton seals and stainless steel fittings. This pump allows for disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite and similar chemicals without degrading the pump or connectors. The spray gun features changeable spray tips to allow the user to switch between levels of disinfecting.

  • Level I Operation: light misting at 15-20 micron ADS for no-wipe applications – as allowable & required
  • Level II Operation: medium misting at 40– 50 micron ADS for applications with wiping – as allowable & required
  • Level III Operation: traditional janitorial spray disinfecting at 80+ micron ADS – as allowable & required
  • High-powered AGM maintenance free battery for 8+ hours of run time on a single full charge
  • Multi-phase high speed smart charger
  • 5 gallon bucket capacity for 20+ minutes of uninterrupted mist disinfecting at max flow
  • Stainless steel machine fittings to ensure fittings do not degrade with harsh chemicals
  • 10 ft self-coiling hose to allow for optimal sprayer movement without tangles
  • Anti-fatigue spray gun with forged brass housings, contour designed for comfort & durability
  • Tri-wheeled base for stability on uneven surfaces


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The CLEAN MISTTM joins Aztec’s other battery powered chemical application machines, the Grand Finale and the Spray Finale

Additional information

Standard Features

35,000 Sq. ft/hr of coverage Consistent Application of Finish 36″ Wide Area Pad Holder Controlled Flow Rate Microfiber Applicator Pad


Finish Application


Features: Portable, lightweight and durable. Adjustable pressurized application flow. Reduce chemical usage by 30%. Works with most floor finish up to 40% solid. Quick and easy clean up. Battery run time of 5-7 hours. Includes (1) microfiber and (1) looped mop head for multi-purpose uses and applications. Available in 24" (61 cm) and 36” (91.5 cm) mop head width.

Reduced Chemical Usage

Aztec’s SPRAY GRAND FINALE 2-in-1 coatings applicator features a spray nozzle and flexible hose to access smaller areas; designed to apply floor finish, concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers quickly and uniformly. The Spray Grand Finale provides an easy, high-speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of chemicals at up to 35,000 sqft/hr. At 8x faster than the traditional mop and bucket method, the Spray Grand Finale eliminates baseboard splash and puddling, all while reducing chemical usage by 30% and eliminating strenuous labor and injury.

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