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The Grand Finale

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Grand Finale
Daily Maintenance Solutions
The Grand Finale is a finish applicator designed to compliment the Sidewinder ™ WorkSmart Stripping System. The Grand Finale provides an easy, high speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of fresh finish. Now with the SPRAY FINALE upgrade, you can easily access those hard to reach areas.

At up to 35,000 sqft/hr (3252 m2/h), that’s 8x faster than mopping, you’ll quickly recognize huge labor savings in the elimination of baseboard splash and product waste associated with finish puddling.


• Portable, lightweight and durable
• Adjustable pressurized application flow
• Reduce chemical usage by 30%
• Works with most floor finish up to 40% solid
• Quick and easy clean up
• Battery run time of 5-7 hours
• Includes (1) microfiber and (1) looped mop head for multi-purpose uses and applications
• Available in 24″ (61 cm) and 36” (91.5 cm) mop head width

Aztec’s SPRAY GRAND FINALE 2-in-1 coatings applicator features a spray nozzle and flexible hose to access smaller areas; designed to apply floor finish, concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers quickly and uniformly. The Spray Grand Finale provides an easy, high-speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of chemicals at up to 35,000 sqft/hr. At 8x faster than the traditional mop and bucket method, the Spray Grand Finale eliminates baseboard splash and puddling, all while reducing chemical usage by 30% and eliminating strenuous labor and injury.

As part the Aztec Sidewinder WorkSmart VCT Stripping System, all proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Popular Uses & Applications:
• VCT floor finish: 23,500 – 35,000 sqft per hour (2183 – 3252 m2/h)
• Concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers: 16,500 – 25,000 sqft per hour (1533 – 2322 m2/h)
• Water or solvent-based concrete coating: 13,500 – 20,000 sqft per hour (1254 – 1858 m2/h)

Grand Finale 24″ – looped and microfiber pads shown

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Standard Features

35,000 Sq. ft/hr of coverage Consistent Application of Finish 36″ Wide Area Pad Holder Controlled Flow Rate Microfiber Applicator Pad


Finish Application

2 reviews for The Grand Finale

  1. Harry A. Teabout III - University of Maryland
    5 out of 5


    “I have seen your equipment at trade shows over the years, which included the Sidewinder, Liquidator, ProScrub, Guzzler, and [Grand Finale}. I was very impressed with the Sidewinder propane machine. The emissions monitor and warning device was very impressive due to the fact that many propane machines give off high emissions. The monitor works well with this machine to the point that you couldn’t tell that you were using a propane machine indoors. Plus, the machine did an excellent job on the floors. Your System is well thought out for a fast and economical way to strip and scrub floors. It is clear that the Aztec Sidewinder System is going to save us a lot of time and money, because we can get more work done with fewer people and our floors have never looked better.”
    University of Maryland, Harry A. Teabout Ill, Director Building and Landscape Service

  2. Monod Jean Baptist - Competitive Janitorial
    5 out of 5


    The Aztec Grand Finale really cuts the time in half when laying floor finish. This machine saved me not only time on jobs but also labor. The way it lays finish down evenly no matter who is using the machine is very helpful especially since I’m not always the one using it on the job. Great machine. Worth the money.

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