Aztec Approved PROPANE ENGINE EMISSION AUTO SHUTDOWN KIT with O2 Oxygen Sensor and monitoring box for all Aztec PurePowerLPG propane powered floor machines for concrete, terrazzo and concrete floors. Special safety feature for CARB and EPA approved propane use indoors. This device will automatically shut off the engine if the CO emissions get too high.  (Kawasaki FS481V 603cc engine)

Part # 152-13-SD-2

* See also Oxygen Sensor (part # 152-o2)

Lowest emissions in the industry. The PurePowerLPG 600 Series engine is featured on the following propane powered floor machines:

LowRider Propane Burnisher * Refresher Multi-Purpose Floor Refreshing System * Sidewinder Propane Stripping System * UltraEdge Propane Concrete Edger * UltraGrind Propane Concrete and Terrazzo Grinder

All of Aztec’s floor machines are proudly MADE IN THE USA!