Aztec Approved replacement Anti-Clog HONEYCOMB PUMP PLATE for the GUZZLER / KWIKLEEN Slurry Retriever

PART # 016-71-9015

NOTE: This is the NEW anti-clog honeycomb design

The Aztec Guzzler is the number one strip-slurry recovery machine in the jan/san industry. The Guzzler is the ultimate in high-speed recovery of scrubbing and stripping solutions. For more than 25 years the Guzzler has been saving cleaning crews significant time and money, efficiently removing stripping solution from vinyl and ceramic tile, sealed or finished concrete floors and terrazzo floors.  The Guzzler’s 30” squeegee path retrieves solution at a rate of up to 30,000 sqft/hour. That’s TWICE the speed of the other conventional recovery methods, and will not create additional foaming.

The Guzzler’s new honeycomb designed pump plate allows 92% of the flow of the original Guzzler design while utilizing multiple small holes, rather than one large hole to strain and prevent sharp objects from entering and damaging the pumping mechanism. Removing heavy volumes of deep scrub and strip solutions, the Aztec Guzzler will remove water from flooded tennis courts, basements, walkways, indoors and out, and is equally useful in spill cleanup of liquid foods, chemicals and waste. The Guzzler is a key component of the Sidewinder WorkSmartTM stripping system.