The REFRESHER is a propane-powered, planetary driven, complete system for stripping, honing, polishing and burnishing polished concrete and terrazzo floors.

The Refresher is designed for previously polished concrete and terrazzo floors; hone, polish and burnish concrete and terrazzo floors with diamonds and pads. Strip and scrub VCT floors with strip brushes or pads. The Refresher features a gimbaled, synchronous planetary drive, integral water tank and quick change driver heads.

The Aztec Refresher WorkSmartTM System is engineered with the operator in mind. The Refresher is heavy and rugged enough to handle the aggressive demands of honing and polishing concrete floors, yet light and mobile enough to be highly maneuverable and smooth running for hours of continuous use.

The Refresher, with its dust control capability and sealed planetary drive and positive drive synchronous belt, uses 3 driver heads/brushes depending on the application: one set of 3 strip brushes for removing old floor finish; one set of 3 Velcro drivers for resin bond, hybrid and ceramic diamonds; and one set of 3 Mighty-Lok drivers for 10” burnishing or diamond pads. Each set of driver heads/brushes is designed with a lug system for “quick-change” mounting and dismounting on the job.

LOWEST EMISSIONS IN THE INDUSTRY! All equipment and engine conversions are proudly made in the USA. 

  • PurepowerLPG 600 Series engine with battery key start
  • Green certifications: EPA, CARB, LEED, CE
  • US green building council LEED IEQ credit 3.4 requirements
  • Optional engine meeting Blue Sky standards

All of Aztec’s machines are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA


Additional information

Path Size

30" (76cm)


Kawasaki 603 CC

Centrifugal Clutch


Head Pressure

330lbs (150kg)

Head Size

3 each 10" (25cm) Quick Change Heads

Head Speed

Clockwise 1295 RPM

Brush Drive Speed

Clockwise 250 RPM

Machine Weight

495Lbs (225kg)


42.25" (120CM)


47.25" (120cm)


32.75" (83cm)

Shipping Weight

Approx. 535Lbs (243kg)

Machine Warranty

1 Year

Engine Warranty

2 Years/ 500 Hours

Green Certification

EPA, CARB, LEED, GS-42 Available with Blue Sky Certified Engine.