Aztec WorkSmart Maintenance SystemTM
Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart. Daily maintenance machines don’t get enough respect. If a machine that you use twice a year saves you 10 hours per job in efficiency, it has only saved you 20 hours total. Daily maintenance machines get used daily so your daily efficiency savings get multiplied 365 times over the year. A bad or slow machine slows you down and adds to your aggravation and troubles 365 times a year. It is extremely important to invest in the most efficient, most reliable machines when you consider the difference it will make to you over the next year. The Lowrider propane burnisher is the fastest, most aggressive, most reliable propane burnisher in the industry and also has the lowest carbon monoxide emission levels. Unlike those plastic imports, the Lowrider’s premium carburation components, a solid steel body and heavy-duty composite pad driver ensure years of trouble-free use. Similarly, the ProScrub 20” autoscrubber was designed by contractors to be as simple and rugged as possible, providing the added benefits of keeping it inexpensive and very easy to maintain.
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