Remote Monitoring of Equipment for Centralized Safety, Management & Maintenance

Floor machines are one of the largest investments in your cleaning business or in your cleaning department. Ensuring that those machines are running at the top of their performance has to be paramount to your success. Aztec Informed Clean can help you do just that with daily and weekly reporting as well as the ability to control your machine from anywhere.

  • No scanning – The system sends data to the cloud automatically
  • No manual record-keeping – Data is gathered into automated reports
  • Reduced downtime – Preventative shutdowns reduce damage
  • Remote maintenance warnings – Automatic usage-based reports

Informed Clean Is

Shutdown Triggers

Prevent User Override
High Emission
High Temperature
Emission Device Tamper

Daily Reports

Inform Supervisors
Summary of all warnings
Dirty Filter
Low Temperature
Preventative Maintenance

Weekly Reports

Optimize Maintenance
A weekly combination of the daily reports and usage-based maintenance needs without ever having to see or scan any of the equipment in the field.
Game-changing insight.

Why Use Informed Clean?


No manual scanning of barcodes or doing onsite inventory. Data is automatically gathered, transmitted, updated every 4 minutes, day and night and accessible on any mobile web-friendly wireless device.


Customize instant, daily and weekly reports by job, location, machine or any other variable.


Stop spending extra labor hours going job site to job site or spending time checking service intervals and machine usage.


We encourage you to start small and scale in a way that fits your jobs and sites.