PurePowerLPG offers professionally engineered CARB and EPA certified Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) conversions for Original Equipment Manufacturers’ indoor and outdoor power equipment engine needs.

Created for OEMs

PurePowerLPG is a brand created by Aztec for OEM LPG applications

Tested and Proven

All PurePowerLPG engines are converted with a customized carburation formula, tested individually and certified for indoor use by the EPA.

Industry Leading

Our engines have been voted the lowest emissions in the industry! Click here to see more information. 

High Quality = Clean Air

Each PurePower engine is converted with high-quality brand name components, based on a customized carburetion formula approved and certified by the EPA. Each engine is individually tested. LPG is an excellent fuel source for powering commercial equipment. It burns exceptionally clean without sacrificing power or performance when properly carbureted with high quality, patented, brand-name LPG carburetors and catalytic mufflers.

PurePower has the cleanest engine emissions in the industry; click the button below to see where the data was extracted from.

About Aztec and PurePower LPG

Founded in 1976 by a pair of pioneering floor contractors who wanted to create a planetary-driven, LPG-powered floor stripping machine, Aztec has specialized in LPG innovation for over 40 years. Aztec is a family-owned corporation based outside Philadelphia, PA. Aztec offers full-time employment to all employees and health care insurance to all full-time employees.

PurePower is committed to customer safety with all conversions utilizing a catalytic muffler whether or not it is required by law.  All machine manufacturing, engine conversions, R&D projects and administrative support occurs in the USA, by Aztec employees. Aztec offers its OEM partners reliability and long-term stability, with all current ownership, management and key research and development personnel in place for over 20 years. PurePower by Aztec believes strongly in responding to our customer’s needs.

390 and 390V Series

600V and 600V-HD Series

730V-HD Series

850V-HD Series

1000V-HD Series