Aztec Approved HEAVY DUTY STRIP BRUSH for the Sidewinder floor stripping machine. These brushes fit both 24″ and 30″ Sidewinder propane stripping machines.

This strip brush is very aggressive and can last up to one million square (1,000,000) feet of floor stripping*

Part # 010-962STBH   Each strip brush is sold separately.

Aztec's Planetary Brush Drive

* Life expectancy of these heavy duty strip brushes will depend on the floor surface quality

* Do not remove the tape around the bristles, these hold the brush bristles in place and provide a longer life of your brushes

Newly designed Strip Pad Assembly also available, click HERE.

Propane Floor Stripping Solutions
The Aztec Sidewinder™ was designed for deep scrubbing and/or fast stripping of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of tile, terrazzo or close-fitted tile. Strip 7-10 layers of wax in just one pass. The Sidewinder is part of the Aztec WorkSmartTM cordless stripping system. Lowest emissions in the industry, with the highest productivity. Work Smart with the Aztec Sidewinder Stripping System!

All of Aztec’s concrete, terrazzo and VCT floor machines are proudly MADE IN THE USA.