PAD DRIVE for the PROSCRUB Autoscrubber


This is Aztec Approved replacement 20″ PAD DRIVE for the Aztec ProScrub autoscrubber

Part # 030-20-262


Aztec’s ProScrubTM is a rugged, user-friendly machine which is inexpensive to purchase and easy to maintain.  Made entirely in the USA, the ProScrubTM is the newest addition to the Aztec janitorial and sanitation product line. The ProScrubTM Automatic Scrubber’s 24-volt system drives a ¾ hp brush motor at 220 RPM.  The ½ hp vacuum motor and 20” wide squeegee assure a dry cleaning path.  With a quick-release squeegee and double-high pad-driver lift position for transit, the ProScrubTM is a breeze to load and unload for use in multiple locations.