Aztec Propane Stripping Machines:
Solutions for Stripping, Finishing, and Recoating

Whether you are a professional contractor or a building manager, you need the efficient propane floor stripping machines that make maintenance quick and easy. Aztec Products has built the complete stripping system on the principle that greater speed, more aggression, better handling, and higher mechanical endurance saves time, saves labor, saves money.
All Aztec Products floor machines are designed with the operator in mind. What will help the operator finish the job in the most efficient amount of time? How can we reduce operator fatigue? Is this machine built to the highest levels of safety and energy efficiency? Is this machine designed with the durability that allows the entire stripping system to function as a whole?
The superior design and construction of Aztec Products floor stripping equipment reduces mechanical downtime and makes stripping and refinishing so easy that even untrained employees can pick it up through extremely small learning curves.
The complete “Stripping System” includes solution application machines such as the Liquidator, floor stripping machines such as the Edgewinder or the Sidewinder ™, and finishing application machines such as the Ultra-Trak. Aztec Products designs and manufactures floor machines for superior floor maintenance through fast and reliable floor stripping. Follow these instructions on Aztec’s floor machines and you’ll see why professionals around the country rely on Aztec Products for their floor stripping needs.
Preparation for Floor Stripping

  • Prepare the surface area. Note the location of each item on the floor and remove all displays, furniture, equipment, and other objects.
  • Place caution cones and barricades at all entrances to the area and lock all access doors.
  • Separate the areas that should not be stripped with materials such as water wedges and duct tape.
  • Without scarring the floor, carefully scrape adhered debris from the floor and dust mop the entire area.

Floor Stripping Techniques

  • Apply the stripping solution to the floor with the Liquidator. Allow the solution to dry for at least 10 minutes, but do not let the solution dry completely before stripping the floor with the Sidewinder ™.
    • To maintain control over timing of the process, work on large floor surfaces in stage
  • Maneuver in sweeping, overlapping strokes.
  • To ensure total coverage, scrub in one direction and then reverse.

Finishing the Floor Stripping Process

  • Remove the solution with the Guzzler at a rate of 25,000 square feet per hour.
  • Use the Kwikleen to apply and retrieve a neutral rinse.
  • Check the entire floor for possible touchup spots before applying a thin coat of finishing application with the Ultra-Trak.

Aztec Products’s complete system facilitates a fast and easy operation. We manufacture our products to the highest quality to help minimize, if not completely eliminate, mechanical downtime. Accordingly, Aztec’s products come with a 2 to 3 year warranty. Trust our complete system to maintain the quality of your floors for years to come.

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