PurePowerLPGTM offers professionally engineered and EPA certified Liquid Propane Gas conversions for Original Equipment Manufacturers’ indoor and outdoor power equipment engine needs.
PurePowerLPG is a brand created by Aztec for OEM LPG applications. The PurePowerLPG brand was created to help differentiate the OEM’s brand from Aztec branded equipment.
LPG is an excellent fuel source for powering commercial equipment. It burns exceptionally cleanly without sacrificing power or performance, when properly carbureted with high quality, patented brand-name LPG carburetors and catalytic mufflers.
Each PurePowerLPG engine is converted with high-quality brand name components, based on a customized carburetion formula approved and certified by the EPA. Each engine is individually tested. Aztec retains emission test reports by engine serial number.

PurePowerLPG Engine Base Brand Choices

All PurePowerLPG engines are converted with a customized carburation formula, tested individually and certified for indoor use by the EPA.


The PurePowerLPG EconoPro brand exists for OEMs that need a solid quality, inexpensive option for a low-power or particularly dirty application.
The EconoPro engine line is priced to be a swappable option in environments that are unwarrantable for branded engines or that require so little power that an expensive premium engine is a waste. Includes a 1-year engine warranty.

Some Facts About Us:

  • PurePowerLPG is committed to customer safety with all conversions utilizing a catalytic muffler whether or not it is required by law.
  •  All machine manufacturing, engine conversions, R&D projects and administrative support occurs in the USA, by Aztec employees.
  • Aztec offers its OEM partners reliability and long-term stability, with all current ownership, management and key research and development personnel in place for over 20 years.
  • PurePowerLPG believes strongly in responding to our customer’s needs.
  • Don’t see the engine that you want listed? Custom carburetion projects are welcome!