Carbon Monoxide Sensor Badge

Aztec Approved CO Sensor for Propane Powered Floor Equipment

Part # 090-CM-BADGE

Now included on all new Aztec propane floor machines! The new CO sensor detection badge is easy to install and monitor for air quality and safety. Have older propane floor machines?

**One free CO badge per customer/account; offer valid for our USA based customers.

Easy to apply and will adhere to the handle assembly on any propane powered floor machine.

The Aztec CO detection badge is a passive carbon monoxide detector and can detect as little as 100 parts per million (ppm) carbon monoxide gas at an approximate relative humidity range of 33 to 50%. If the humidity is very high it can detect concentrations as low as 20ppm.

If carbon monoxide is present, the circle indicator will change color (from orange-red to red-brown, and then to gray-black as the concentration levels increase). Once the detector is exposed to fresh air it will return back to orange-red and may be reused.

The CO detector is individually wrapped and must be unwrapped for detector to function. Please note that once opened, the CO detector will expire in 90 days, so write the open date on the badge.

***No alarm function, requires no power and must be seen to determine whether carbon monoxide is present in the area***

The CO detector will be inactivated and damaged by the presence of halogens (iodine, chlorine, bromine), and ammoniac or nitrous gases.

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