As a Philadelphia area manufacturer, we are proud to be American!

Aztec is a Philadelphia-based, family-owned USA manufacturer of propane powered high speed commercial floor care equipment. Over 98% of all Aztec machine parts are sourced domestically and all assembly is done in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.  Allan and Whit Beverly have owned Aztec for over 25 years and all of Aztec’s team members are full-time employees with excellent benefits and healthcare.

Aztec Industries, the precursor to Aztec Products, was started in 1976 by two brothers that were floor contractors. Together they invented the Sidewinder™ floor stripping machine and instantly revolutionized the floor maintenance industry. The Aztec Sidewinder is designed for ultra-fast stripping and deep scrubbing of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of VCT, terrazzo or close-fitted tile.

Aztec continues to be the fastest way to strip VCT floor finish. Combined with the rest of the Sidewinder WorkSmart™ Stripping System, the Sidewinder can strip up to 10 layers of finish at an unbelievable rate of 15,000 sqft/hour (or scrub up to 30,000 sqft/hour).  Aztec has since added an aggressive concrete grinding, honing and polishing line of machines powered by super low-emissions custom-converted LPG engines that are now also available for OEM machinery opportunities.

In addition to the goal of high speed performance, Aztec has aggressively pursued environmentally friendly, worker safety advances in its machinery. Aztec was the first to switch exclusively to the utilization of catalytic mufflers while its competition considered it an upgrade.

Whit Beverly, President of Aztec Products, said, High speed efficiency and safety are our two main concerns at Aztec. High speed efficiency gets contractors and custodians home earlier with more profit and less fatigue. Safety means that they will be around for a long time to care for their loved ones. After all, being there to care is really what is important in life.”

Aztec continues to develop floor maintenance equipment for the jan/san and concrete floor polishing industry that saves money and labor expenses. Aztec strives to remain the trusted leader in propane buffers, floor strippers and concrete grinders by consistently exceeding customer expectations.

All of Aztec’s propane machines and engines are certified by EPA, CARB, LEED and GS-42 where applicable.

To view the complete Aztec product line: Call (215) 393-4700 for a private Aztec Products facility tour. For more information on propane engine conversations visit:

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